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Moving Green Today

Estate Sales San Francisco Bay Area


Home Consignments Coordination – Furniture, Accessories and Fine Jewelry

We work with the local Home Consignment Center to consign your furniture, accessories and potential fine jewelry for sale. You may not have enough items for a complete Estate Sale, but you may have some unique pieces for Home Consignment Options.

  • We coordinate with the consignment center to schedule an on-site preview of your belongings intended for possible consignment. The representative previews your belongings from an inventory list and photo link which we have provided ahead of time.
  • We arrange the pick-up of your belongings at your home, you do not need to be there, you may be out of town or you may be a sibling living in another state, (the pick-up fee comes out of your proceeds) and we interface on your behalf with the consignment center management to ensure your belongings are carefully loaded and delivered to the consignment center.
  • We ensure the proper contact information is provided to the representatives so that you can receive your proceeds from the sale of your items.
  • By consigning your pieces, you give your possessions a new lease on life by repurposing your items, again your choice remains true to Moving Green Today’s objective “to avoid 100% landfill on every project”.

The Consignment Center sell your items fast, they pay you fast, and they do not overprice your items in order to move along the inventory in the fine neighborhoods.